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Lv-FAQ • lesnaVesna
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General Information

How can I contact you for any additional information and help?
For all additional information we’re available on the e-mail all days of the week.
Where can I buy your products?
You can buy our products in:

  • Our online Lesnavesna store
  • Our physical shop in Tavčarjeva 10. 4000. Kranj.
  • IKA Trgovina, Ciril-Metodov trg 13, 1000 Ljubljana.
  • Slovenika, Gornji trg 4, 1000 Ljubljana

How can I pay in your online shop?
We offer the following methods:


  • PayPal
  • Credit, debit or prepaid cards (VISA; Mastercard, Maestro)
  • bank transfers based on invoice


Bank transfers based on invoice
After choosing bank transfer as a preferred method of payment, you’ll receive a quotation/invoice to your email with all the data you will need to carry out the payment: the amount required, our bank account number, reference and the purpose of payment. You will than pay with a general deposit slip (BN 02) through any of the web-banking systems or personally at bank or post offices of your preference. After paying, you can send us the conformation of your payment to to ensure the fastest processing of your order, as all the invoices are only informative before being carried out. After we issue the quotation, you have 2 days to transfer us the money. If you do not, you order will be canceled.

How do I know that my order were successfully carried out?

When you’ve successfully placed an order in our online store you’ll receive a conformation email. If you experience any problems regarding the orders, don’t hesitate to contact us at

How long will my order take to arrive
We try to dispatch orders as soon as possible, nevertheless we are crafting most of our products and it might take up to 72 hours. If you are in a hurry don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make our best to deliver your purchase on time. Contact us at
Can I return the product(s) I ordered from your store?
In accordance to the Costumer Protection Laws, in the case of a long distance contract (which any online order is a part of), a costumer has 14 days after picking up their product to notify the vendor in writing that he wants to cancel the contract without any obligations to state the reasons for their decision. If you want to cancel your order, please notify us at


In this case the costumer has to return the product(s) at their own cost, in no more than 14 days after notifying us of the cancellation. We reserve the right to return the money until after we receive the product.


The product has to be returned in its original packaging including all the papers and the warranty (if a product comes with one). In the case that the return product is damaged in any way or has any traces of use, we reserve the right not to return the money or to charge you for any damages.

Can the chosen product be gift-wrapped?

In case you want your product to be gift wrapped, please notify us on or enter the request in the comment section of the order. You can also purchase original LesnaVesna gift packages in our store.

My order is meant to be a gift. Is it possible not to include the receipt with it?

In case you want your package to be sent off without the receipt, please send us an e-mail to We will send the copy of the receipt to your e-mail.

Do your products come with a warranty?
We craft our products with a very strict quality control, nevertheless due to the nature of wood some mistakes might appear. All our products come with a 6 months warranty. Warranty is valid with the receipt only. With your purchase we guarantee you to take care of your products in case of a reclamation.
Are there any cases in which my warranty does not qualify?
You may not use your warranty in the following cases:


  • Damage arising from the misuse of the product, not in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions or disregarding them,
  • using the product for not intended uses,
  • any mistakes arising from the environmental influences (moisture, extreme cold or heat, over-voltage, dust, etc.), or coincidence,
  • unauthorized repair attempts,
  • any modifications of the products,
  • natural changes arising from wearing the product,
  • water damage,
  • frame breakage,
  • loss or theft of the product

Kitchen Boards

How do I maintain my wooden board?
Wood is a living material and may change in size. Take care of your board by not exposing it to high temperatures, drying after washing with warm water and placing it upright position.
How do I clean my wooden board?
Occasionally you can wash it more thoroughly rubbing it with lemon and rinsing it with warm water mixed with vinegar- a natural remedy to protect the wood from possible bacteria.
Can I put it in the dishwasher?
We strongly recommend not to introduce any wooden product in the dishwasher, it will destroy the wood.

Interior Design

What kind of interior design do you offer?
Lesnavesna is specialised in wooden design. From big scale all the way to the small detail always believing in wood as the most natural and warmest material.
How can you help me with interior design?
We can work on small projects for houses or bigger public building. We can help you with:

  • Conceptual design of interior space
  • Selection of materials and colour
  • Design and production of unique furniture
  • Assistance with contractor

Do i need to pay a complete project?
We divide projects in phases, you will pay only for the phase we develop and decide at any time if you want to continue with us.


What can you design?
We have more than 15 years experience in Architecture. We can design all kind of buildings: houses, museums, schools, hotels, etc.
Are your toys suitable for babies?
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