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LesnaVesna Design Office

When we have decided to open our own design studio, we wanted it to combine the functions of the pop-up store and open-plan space for working. Additionally, we were faced with task to create place that would tell a story of who we are and what we do.
It is commonly believed that interior design is only about what you see around yourself. However, you have a possibility to influence other senses, as well. By decorating the studio with only wood, we managed to not only display our own products and projects, but also support such senses as touch and smell. When entering our studio, customers can experience distinguished smell of fresh wood, while touching any piece supports their sight sense and gives them an opportunity to feel the quality of the products we produce.
Any well-designed space has power to trigger certain emotions and feelings. By keeping in mind the importance of senses, you are in charge of customer experience. We are proud to say that every wooden piece you can see in our workshop was designed and manufactured by us, and by showing that to our customers, we want to set a foundation of trustworthy relationships. Nothing speaks louder than a creator using his own creations.

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