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Mladinska Knjiga

Basket weaving and kurent… what connects these two things, you might think? Yes! That is right, our unique wooden lamps that were designed to bring light, colour and joy into your everyday life. LesnaVesna is always on a look out for new ideas and stories, and so we decided to combine several Slovene traditions at the same time by creating these basket-shaped lamps.
Kurents are the main figures of the ethnographic carnival called Kurentovanje, which is one of the biggest and oldest carnival festivals in Slovenia.

In the present day, Kurent festival is an integral part of Slovenian cultural heritage with its history dating back to one hundred years ago. Up to this day, it is believed that Kurent’s role is to scare away winter by dancing, making bell rings and performing rituals, which is why it is also considered that they poses supernatural powers. Traditional Kurent’s costume is mainly made of sheepskin and can be either covered in feathers, or can be seen wearing horns. While the costumes might differ in its appearance, the only thing each one of them has in common is interwoven with colourful ribbons over their heads. Just as Kurent is believed to announce the beginning of new life with the start of the spring, we hope that our lamps would bring some festive spirit into your home. At present moment, the lamps can be seen in MladinskaKniga in Ptuj, as well as ordered to your home. Choose your own combination of colours and enjoy little rainbow hanging from your sealing!

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