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Swing Chair

This project, as many others, started as a search for a meaningful gift, for a dear friend, a nature-lover that has become a parent to a newborn. Nature is one of LesnaVesna’s main sources of inspiration so we just loved the idea.

This toddler swing is made of massive oakwood, and since it will also be used in the exterior we provided needed gaps between elements to allow the wood to breathe. It is in that technical detail that we hid the poetics- it is where the plant is drawn, a small straw that grows up all the way from the seat to the backrest. The shape of the swing is closed at the sides to embrace the child, but kept as clean as possible- the lines of the handrests coincides with the ones of the backrest. All wood is kept in natural, only oiled & waxed version; but the ropes and the tinted protection bar brings a hint of color, a touch of nature to the swing.

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