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Wooden Chest

Relocation trend created a need to change furniture more often than ever before, leaving designers and enthusiast of ‘quality products’ in a shadow. Companies like Ikea have swamped retailer market with cheap and low value furniture, making it harder to find pieces worthy of investment. We realized there is a problem to find products that are modern and functional, but at the same time quality of which would ensure their presence in your life for many years to come.

Keeping that in mind, we designed contemporary version of wooden storage chest with an idea of bringing back to life tradition of passing furniture from one generation to another.
The pattern of the chest combines distinguished Slovenian symbols such as abstract image of typical flower for Gorenjska region-carnation. The image is beautifully created with heart-shaped leaves, which is yet another typical local pattern, while geometrical manner of the pattern gives the design of the chest a modern twist.

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