Wooden design experts, interior design and architecture
Meet the team of lesnavesna. Experts in wooden design solution and products. We offer custom made products according to your needs
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About me

LesnaVesna is a design studio that creates and produces any scale of wooden furniture, does interior design projects and has its own line of unique wooden pieces. The studio was initially founded with a sole purpose of creating products that would distract you from fast-passing lifestyle and make you cherish the moments. Hence, all our products are made with a lot of love and thought of reviving traditions in different forms of contemporary design. We are experts in wooden design and mainly use wood of Slovene origin and do a big part of work manually, by that we try to support local resources and people. As we are striking to deliver best possible solutions exactly for you, most of our projects are unique in its nature. We want to help you express yourself and tell a story of who you are by creating an art-work for years to come.

Creative director, architect

Eva is the heart and soul of LesnaVesna as the studio truly represents her passions towards design and nature. After working in a corporate world of architecture she decided to give deeper meaning to things that surround our homes by telling stories with her work and designs. Most of all Eva finds her inspirations in the variety of shapes and forms that nature has to offer as much as in the folk traditions.


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