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BIG SEE Wood Design Award 2021 – Winner, Slovenia, Wood, Wooden products

A light sculpture that explores different effects light has on wood when travelling through material. It resembles a plant bud that is slowly opening and thus letting the light spill between the leaves. There is a second layer- a plant pattern in-printed on the surface, in form of small holes, an hommage to art of embroidering floral patterns on home textile through centuries. That plant image, when lit-up, becomes alive: wooden casket, present during daytime, when the light is turned-off goes to 2nd plane, and a more playful, contrast image of a plant comes to life.
Wooden lamp made entirely of birch wood. No metal or plastic pieces are needed even for the structure, thus making the lamp more ecologically sustainable. It can be used as a table lamp or suspended lamp.

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Awarded, Furniture