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Miss Petticoat

Miss Petticoat

BIG SEE Wood Design Award 2019 – Winner, Slovenia, Wood, Wooden products

The Miss Petticoat lamp collection has playful dual-structured shades in walnut, birch, or plywood designed to resemble the retro fashion item.
The idea was to translate a rigid material that wood is to a more subtle silhouette, with a texture resembling of fabric. A pentagonic wireframe, made entirely of wood: a double layer of wood rests on it. An upper one with a gentle pattern of changing holes that project a light image in the interior of the room; and a lower, playful layer that resembles of lace, as an underskirt that pops out from a lady’s skirt.
Our big challenge was to create a wooden light with a hidden light source; but with rather simple construction, trying to use real wood, instead of often used veneer elements.

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Awarded, Furniture