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On the meadow coffee table

On the meadow coffee table

This coffee table is a piece of nature in home. It is poetic on the outside with its stylized look of the meadow, just like on the other side of the window. On the inside it is functional- the big flat surface folds up to enable work with computer / eating and hides inside the most precious reading that can be ordered in a second..

The whole table is made of massive oak, with minimalistic shape. Just the surface gets a fine pattern of wheat plants, drawn in basic shapes. The cassette with precious inside is heavy, thus supported with U shaped legs that bent towards outside, tinted darker, as a reminiscence of earth, metal.

It is a rather large coffee table with eye-catching pattern, with entire top surface that can be lifted and thus transforms itself to a working table or a dining table. The height the table and its mechanism is carefully selected to respond to this extra functions. A big storage inside store many items, that are used occasionally (magazines, computer, books etc).

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