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LV-Unique furniture inspired by nature wooden table chairs

This unique furniture designed was inspired by nature. The design pattern of the chair represents the tree itself, with its legs resembling the tree trunk and ropes imitating the leaves. The design of the table continues the idea of tree representation in a more literal way. By mixing maple and cherry trees together, we achieved contrast in the pattern, which allowed us to create an image of tree branches.

The ropes which form the chairs can be in different colours giving the option to be customised by users.

In 2015 LesnaVesna has participated in the competition hosted by Prastol wood festival.
The main purpose of the festival is to increase use of natural assets, attract more young professionals into the industry and show us all the opportunities connected with wood. The task of the competition was to develop a concept of the ‘grand chair’ that does not require comprehensive manual work, is simple in its construction and looks modern.
We designed prototype of chair that makes us reconnect with the past. If we have a look back, we will realize that the very first human used trees to sit on and relax; later on when the storm comes, human would use the first ropes made of fibre to build a shelter. Taking this into consideration, the idea of is simple- we wanted to involve modern user into the making of the chair.

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